Good early example dating to the period of active head hunting which lasted into the early 20th century. Finely woven split cane of oval section with a reinforced baseband, 7 ½” height plus the hair tufts. The base mounted with a fine boar tusk, the root of which is encased in fine split cane wrap. The top mounted with a .crest of bovine bristles in cane base. Fine overall age patina with no damage. Somewhat small, reflecting the small stature of the Naga people. The taking of a head was a requisite for passage to manhood and a warrior’s status was marked by the number of heads he had taken. Those with many heads were celebrities among their people, viewed as a superstar. Heading raids were occasioned by cultural demands, such as consecrating the giant log drums used for communication and music. A Naga headhunter is quoted in Naga Identities, “Headhunting, that was like Christmas!

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