Coptic Egypt Bone Tools


1st-3rd century AD. Group of three. 5 1/4" needle with slotted eye proportioned for the coarse homespun cloth worn by peasants. Plus 2 1/8" bone wedge made from the joint and bone of a small mammal or large bird. Flat one side, with a shaped point. Evidently used to secure and tension a small device, probably a handloom. Plus a good 7" bone rod, tapered from the middle to the ends. Both ends finished as made. The slender end with a cut notch. Probably a weaving accessory. All with good patina and exceptional preservation suggesting that they were burial (funerary) objects. Dating to the Roman period in ancient Egypt which started in 30 BC with the defeat of Mark Anthony and removal of Cleopatra as pharaoh. For the average Egyptian, the provincial rule of Egypt changed very little, and traditional religion, including mummification carried on. 3 pieces.

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Coptic Egypt Bone Tools

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