Probably Pennsylvania. 25 ½” length, forged iron with crescent form bit and broad back fluke of approximately the size and proportions of the British Sergeant’s halberd of the period. This example with the blade integrally forged while the British has a removable sheet iron blade. Long tapered fore spike with an octagonal swell at the base, forged on and decorated in zig zag cross and saltires, repeated on the spike base. Lapped seam conical socket with the original securing pin intact. The surface with uniform medium oxidation mixed with forging scale. See American Polearms, Brown. Pl.30-32 for related examples. In particular, pl.32d, found outside York Pennsylvania, where the author points out that the outline of the blade is similar to the ornate door hinges seen around Lancaster County. The presence of forging scale suggests that it was not polished after forging, yet the securing pin indicates that it was originally fully mounted. Possibly rushed into service by the French and Indian War?
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